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Gustav Lübcke Museum in Ruhr

Impressive modern architecture
© Gustav Lübcke Museum

The Gustav Lübcke Museum in Hamm impresses with its widespread collections and an imposing modern building housing them.

Exhibits cover a wide range of topics. The Egyptian art collection began over one hundred years ago with the donation of a mummified woman in her sarcophagus. And the history of Hamm is dealt with in all its facets to cover development over the past four hundred years.

Applied arts and painting of the twentieth century are shown as are earlier works. The museum of art and cultural history also offers treasures and works from many important areas.

An impressive coin collection rounds off the museum.

By Anneke Söpper, edited VG, Mar 14 2021

Gustav Lübcke Museum

Neue Bahnhofstrasse 9
59065 Hamm

+49 2381 175 714

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