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In a place with over five million inhabitants, it will come as no surprise that locals and expats can find a large choice of areas to “shop till they drop”. In fact, since Oberhausen boasts the largest shopping experience in Europe, the place attracts many from over the border too.

As a polycentric location, the Ruhr Metropolis consists of numerous large city centres to choose from. The largest are Dortmund and Essen, with Duisburg and Bochum hard on their heels. These are followed by Gelsenkirchen and Oberhausen as well as Hagen, Mülheim and Recklinghausen. Many more are of substantial size too.

In malls the usual global brands blend with local boutiques, many telecommunications dealerships as well as eateries, leaving next to no wish unfulfilled. German department stores can still be found in virtually every centre. So too typical high street brands of all tastes and budget. Larger furniture stores and megastores are also dotted around the peripheries.

Public Transport

The public transport system in Ruhr is extensive, safe and normally efficient. A dense network of trams, Strassenbahn, above and below ground as well as buses serve the cities and suburbs. Links via the local and S-Bahn train systems interconnect many neighbouring communities.

Subway station