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Things to do


Cinema goers and movie aficionados can choose from a good selection of venues to view original language movies in the Ruhr. Essener Filmkunsttheater, Casablanca, Lichtburg, Metropolis, CineMaxx and CineStar screen films in English and several other languages.

German society invests heavily in traditional creative arts at a national, state and local level, to the benefit of cultural institutions in the region. The Ruhr Metropolis thus reveals beautiful art venues and museums that offer collections of a high standard and exhibitions with surprisingly broad divergence.

Venues for classical music, dance and jazz sessions can be found as well as opera. Essen boasts the renowned Alvar Aalto building, a stunning opera house. The renowned Finnish designer was up there with Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier in his day.

Expats can also engage with the magnificent, annual Shakespeare Festival and International Dance Weeks in the nearby city of Neuss next to Düsseldorf.

The Events Overview

From stunning light shows to funfairs, Christmas markets to marathons, jazz to reggae music gigs and long standing festivals, living in the Ruhr offers many great reasons to celebrate. Virtually any excuse creates an opportunity for street activities where a kaleidoscope of events take place every year. Photo Ruhr Tourismus / Eckhard Spengler.