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Institutions of NRW


Due to countrywide structures, several enormous and highly important federal institutions have regional representations located in and around the Ruhr Metropolis.

The German pension service, Deutsche Rentenversicherung, straddles the region. The insurance office of the Regional Statutory Pension Scheme Westfalen, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen, is of note because it provides legal supervision over social insurances and the scheme for the region. The office for Westphalia is in Münster while the office for Rhineland is in Düsseldorf.

A mid-level stage of government is placed between state and local levels. It has even had its reason for existence questioned periodically. NRW is divided into the five district government offices, Bezirksregierungen, of Arnsberg, Cologne, Detmold, Düsseldorf and Münster. The Düsseldorf district is the largest with more than five million inhabitants. All districts mediate between local communities and their citizens. Their function is to weigh the needs of public and private interests. Tasks covered are, amongst others, the security of the police, administration of state employees’ salaries and also the control of correct production and distribution of food. Other relevant departments are for planning or the protection of historic buildings.

The offices of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Industrie- und Handelskammer, and the Chamber of Crafts, Handwerkskammer, are spread regionally across the state. They represent the interests of associated firms that are acting in the respective segments of industry, crafts, trade and services. Tasks include support, research and assistance to companies that take on trainees and the guarding of those trainees’ rights.

By Philipp Schiwek, Jul 27 2021

Beach scene with sunbathers


It may come as a surprise of newly arrived expats that beaches can be found in the Ruhr Metropolis. Fine sand and shingle are ideal for walking, playing, relaxing and picnicking. People flock to enjoy spaces beside the rivers and lakes, especially on warm and sunny summer days. Photo © Ralph Lueger.

Beautiful dog's head


Germans, on the whole, love and respect pets and are friendly towards dogs. Dogs are permitted on public transport and inside restaurants but keeping a pet on a leash is a must. Dog ownership in the Ruhr Metropolis is highly regulated, while the national is populace is, in general, very dog friendly.




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