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Local people in the Ruhr Metropolis naturally respond more openly when spoken to in their own language of German. Communicating becomes much easier, hearts open and life as an expat improves. Understanding becomes far more expansive, interaction more colourful and life is full of surprises.

Learning a language can be great fun or, for some, be seen as an overwhelming challenge. However, the access to German society and the ability to comprehend more of the culture of a new or temporary home is a huge reward and renders the task worthwhile.

Whilst German is rather complex, it possesses an understandable logic. For Asian nationals the language can be quite a tongue twister. UK or US nationals may have learned a little at school, eastern and northern Europeans seem to grasp it more quickly. For some, the use of English in the corporate environment or relationships can be counterproductive and create a major challenge to learning.

Easy, basic knowledge is available at the VHS that offers interesting courses. Many private and more individual alternatives exist too.


We’ve all been there, standing in a foreign culture finding ourselves pointing, gesticulating and perhaps praying to be understood. Germans in the city mostly speak at some words of English.

However, some expats relocating to the Ruhr Metropolis may wish to carry a few words with them for use in some of those awkward moments. Basic but perhaps helpful. Enjoy!

Original language movies are popular among expats living across the Ruhr Metropolis. Films are screened regularly in English original with subtitles, known as OmU and without, portrayed as OV. A wide variety of cinemas or movie theatres can be found, both large and small.

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