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A number of international schools are available for students to learn in the Ruhr Metropolis and nearby cities. Four are established, while a couple reach back several decades. All offer an International Baccalaureate curriculum, unique styles of approach to education and size of institution.

Some local schools within mainstream German system offer a certain amount of English language education as part of bilingual studies.

One of the latest additions is IS Ruhr, the International School Ruhr based in the heart of Essen. St Georges offers a British educational curriculum in neighbouring Duisburg.

Most established and experienced of all is ISD, the International School of Düsseldorf with an over fifty year history in the state capital. ISR, International School on the Rhine has also more recently become established in nearby Neuss.

International School Ruhr

Located in the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis, IS Ruhr in Essen offers an exciting environment for educating international children from countries across the globe. For many expat and German executives, the availability of a school geared towards international requirements is essential.

So too for corporate employers and many cities of the Ruhr. With excellent curricula and a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 students, International School Ruhr assures intensive individual learning.

Moltkeplatz 61
45138 Essen
+49 201 479 104 09

St Georges British International School

The curriculum of St Georges is based on the British National Curriculum. This provides a broad, flexible and challenging framework which allows the school to develop reflective and knowledgeable learners ready for the demands of the future.

Located in Duisburg, a city of the Ruhr Metropolis, St Georges offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma to sixth form students.

Am Neuen Angerbach 90
47259 Duisburg-Ungelsheim
+49 203 456 860

International School of Düsseldorf

ISD inspires their students to be confident, creative and critical thinkers. They work together to challenge and support all their students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world. The International School of Düsseldorf is a fascinating international community of learners.

ISD offers expat youngsters in the Ruhr a world-class education to inspire students to become self-directed learners, creative thinkers, and compassionate global citizens.

Niederrheinstrasse 336
40489 Düsseldorf
+49 211 940 66

International School on the Rhine

ISR is located in Neuss, a short drive from Düsseldorf. The international school is an accredited, private and all-day school from Kindergarten age. Many choose ISR because their renowned IB, International Baccalaureate academic program prepares students for the world.

This English speaking and multi-cultural school with an holistic concept offers lessons in German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese too.

Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 2
41464 Neuss
+49 2131 403 880




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