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AC Ruhr


On the search for a strategic partner to help me take Amazing Capitals to the next level, I was fortunate to discover a highly motivated, creative and competent partner in Valencia.


If you like the Amazing Capitals eGuide, you will enjoy interacting with Nébula, the Makers of Amazing Capitals Ruhr. Strategic communication is the name they have given to their approach to the work they perform for their national and international clients.

Quique and Lety took to the Amazing Capitals concept immediately. Having spent extended periods of time abroad, they both recognised a need for my work. We decided to take a few steps back before planning for the future.

Beyond expectations

While designing and implementing version three of the eGuides was a priority, creating the mould for a wide range of strategic options became key to achieving that goal.

Our communication is second to none. A generous and passionate demeanour has led to intense debate and implementation of improved ideas. No hidden agendas nor overpowering egos, just respectful interaction. Excellent sessions, at times including Concha as a third sparring partner, were paramount to identifying the path forward.

Their professionalism is integral to a completely reinvented Amazing Capitals approach. The global brand is now the focus for expansion. A new avatar and logo reflect a logical continuity as well as signifying unity. A lucky few see a four leafed clover, others recognise four hearts. The new design is being rolled out to existing locations and beyond.

Heartfelt thanks for believing in me and in my concept. And for designing a magnificent eGuide for international resident readers, for businesses and city departments. The rollout to global locations proceeds.

By Vincent Green, Jul 8 2021

Nébula Spain

Pintor Domingo, 42, 6ª
46001 Valencia

Young expat women in market


Target a unique audience of English speaking residents. Create awareness, become more attractive, raise image dimension. Benefit from new referrals, find new prospects, gain new clients.

Lederhosen German shorts


Anyone who has experienced the hospitality offered by this society knows that the country and its folk have changed enormously over recent years. The Ruhr is, as a whole, peaceful and its citizens are mostly generous and contented.




Following relocation, highly educated
expats experience obstacles.
Beyond language, awareness of cultural
norms in the Ruhr Metropolis are key
to infusion in the local environment.
Amazing Capitals Ruhr empowers
international employees.

Get Informed


Companies and cities in the Ruhr Metropolis
compete with the rest of the world
to attract and also retain professionally
talented individuals.
Amazing Capitals Ruhr inspires
international employees to relocate.

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